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Cashkeeper – The ideal automated cashier

  • Cash counter for supermarkets, gastronomy, bakeries, petrol stations, pharmacies and discotheques

  • Accepts chance and gives change safely and hygienically

  • Cash accounting and day-end closing at the push of a button

  • Compatible with all current POS systems

Cashkeeper - automated cashier - build-in device
Cashkeeper automated cashier - stand-alone device

Cashing up made easy!

The automatic Cashkeeper makes the checkout process much more effective – increasing customer throughput. Your employees do not have to wait to count change for the customer, but can already devote themselves to the next customer whilst the first customer is still paying. Wrong change dispensing is also effectively impossible with the Cashkeeper POS system.

More than 77% of everyday shopping in Germany is paid in cash. 

By using Procoin’s automated cashier, Cashkeeper, your cashier is reliably supported and relieved, the checkout process is simplified and accelerated. With each cash payment, the automated cashier ensures that the acceptance of change and dispensing of change is very quick, extremely hygienic and safe.

The Cashkeeper also takes care of cash accounting

At the end of the day, the Cashkeeper prepares the cash statement and closes the day at the push of a button. Burdensome “cashing up” is eliminated completely. Cash deficits are prevented, cash differences become a thing of the past. A real win, especially for retail cash registers!

Your advantages with the Cashkeeper POS system

  • Change acceptance and change dispensing are executed fully automatically by the Cashkeeper POS system – error-free and time-saving.

  • Increased security in cash counting: Cashkeeper checks coins and banknotes for authenticity automatically with cash payment, records them and sorts the coins.

  • Practical for teamwork: the POS system records all daily takings per person automatically – correctly, securely and verifiably.

  • Improved hygiene: sales staff do not come into contact with either cash or change.

  • The cash register is always correct: cash balancing at shift change, at the end of the day, cash accounting is performed and the cash balance is produced at the push of a button. Cash differences or cash deficits are avoided.

  • Fits everywhere: The automated cashiers are available in two versions: as a stand-alonePOS system or as a build-in device for installation in your sales counter.

Coin Module – technical specifications

High capacitymore than 3.500 coins
Coin insertion speed10 coins/sec
Intake capacitytests up to 30 mixed coin types
Output speed6 coins/sec
Output capacityup to 50 coins
Weight30 kg
Size (W x D x H)400 x 512,5 x 320 mm
Cange is paid automatically by Cashkeeper automated cashier

Change is paid out automatically and always correctly.

Bakery with stand-alone Cashkeeper

Banknote module – technical specifications

Capacity600 banknotes per container
Output capacityup to 120 banknotes (60 + 60)
Intake capacityindividual notes
Speed of
acceptance and validation
2,3 sec/banknote
Output speed1,3 sec/banknote
Output capacityindividual notes
Weight18 kg
Size (W x D x H)200 x 368,5 x 576 mm

Depositing and automatic validation of all Euro banknotes

Einzahlen und automatisches Validieren von sämtlichen Euro-Banknoten

Restaurant with build-in Cashkeeper

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